Sponsorship - Benefits: Under development

Possible Benefits

  • Many are the benefits your company will gain through our sponsorship program. A thank you note in appreciation of your support will be sent to all of our members as a reminder of your generous and sincere efforts to support us in meeting our objective and mission statement of assisting webmasters.

  • Your sponsorship of our efforts will result in one thing to your organization: HUGE PUBLICITY! Your company's name will appear on all of our sponsors' catered materials or pages.

  • Endorsement and promotion of your products and services to our visitors and members by special link from the list of our corporate sponsors.

  • The benefit of your sponsorship doesn't just end with the endorsement and promotion of your company by us. Your main benefit is from the level of sponsorship you provide us so we can continue carrying the torch to enlighten others in this remarkable journey we call the Internet. Your sponsorship is greatly appreciated and very much needed.

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