Join us...  New membership plans and fees are being developed. Check with us later for future updates.

Membership Plans & Fees:

  • Professional Webmasters Plan:
  • For employers with more than 75 employees.
  • Creative Webmasters Plan:
  • Mid-Size Company with no more than 75 employees.
  • The Witty Webmasters Plan:
  • Personal or an employer with 15 employees and less
  • The Charmer Plan:
  • Personal or an employer with 4 employees only.
  • Student Webmasters Plans:
  • Recommended for students only. Proof of enrollment is required.

To select any of the plans above, send us an e-mail with the following information: Your name, your website address, and description.Your mail address, and your current address. Tell us what plan you selected! Upon receiving of your e-mail, a representative of the Association will visit your website for verification. You will be contacted upon your website is approved for membership.

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