Membership Benefits:

We are proud to offer our members a wide range of benefits. Membership includes: Website Certifications, Web Services offered at a discounted price with the opportunity to display from your website the Logo of the Association.

Through the WebMasters Association, you shall have the benefits of belonging to strong International, regional and local chapters units within the Association, in which there are a number of excellent webmasters who are willing to share their talents and knowledge with you.

Some of the Benefits of Membership

Monthly Electronic News Bulletin - Currently the newsletter is in English.

Access to the Members only section of the website, there you will find a wealth of information about the Internet. Techniques of how to succeed as a Webmaster are also included, and many more........

Be the first to meet The WebMasters Association Standards & Recommended Practices while managing your website.

The chance to participate in the Association programs and events. The wealth of information available in the members only section can help you improve your skills as a webmaster. The Association's goal is simply designed to recognize your achievements in meeting certain standards of webmasters designs, such recognition is not meant to place you in a competition against other members, however, but a helping hand to have you succeed.

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Directory of Information
  • Glossary of Terms
  • International, National and Regional Conventions

Discounts on many books and services offered or to be offered by the Association.

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